Sale Horse Consignment Program

Our Sale Horse Consignment program includes full board, grooming, marketing, promoting and preparing your sale horse. This program is individulized so please call for pricing. A 15% commission of sale price when sold. Our goal is to find a happy new owner for your horse.

Client is responsible for all outside vender cost, travel cost, whether or not a transation is achievd.

  • Young Horse Starting Program

    Our Young Horse Starting program is based on excellent horsemanship, positive reinforcements and our unique body balance therapy encouraging the young horse to develop to their full potential. This program is individulized so please call for pricing. Our goal is to create a confident working horse with a relaxed frame of mind.

    Show Services

    Our show services will cover

  • Trainer Rides: $50/day
  • Grooming: market value
  • Hauling: market value
  • All feed, grains, supplements, shavings, tack rooms, feed rooms, turnouts, lodging, plane fares, rental cars, gas, meals, and other expenses incurred by trainer amd staff are divided equally among customers' horses.

    Outside Services

    All outside services will be billed through individual venders or The Yard Equine Center